Jade Moss – Hey Babe – Single Review

Powerful Jade Moss delivers a formidable performance on her new single ‘Hey Babe’.

The latest single ‘Hey Babe’ from Jade Moss is causing quite the stir

After swapping Yorkshire for Central London at the tender age of 18 Moss allowed the arts to swallow her whole. First settling in fashion and now music, she’s determined to showcase how fierce she is.

Much like her fashion, Moss’s music promotes a neo-vintage feeling. A heady mix of 40s elegance infused with the bright lights and electric vibes the 80s collude to beguile and empower.

‘Hey Babe’ talks about true love in a disposable and shallow world. Challenging the process of meeting someone new and making it clear they need to be careful how they play their cards when they have a queen in their hand.

This strong positive messaging comes across in the tune from the get-go. That sultry 40s style jazz element comes through straight away before it’s modernised with a trippy, rumbling bassline.

The iconography works so well. You can imagine her belting the track out draped across a piano in an elegant underground bar. Before she starts making her way around the room targeting people in the audience in a seductive performance which allows her would-be suitors to believe she’s attainable. All the while knowing they’ll never be able to have her.

She lists Etta James, Grace Jones, Lauren Hill, and Billie Holiday as her musical influences and that totally comes across in ‘Hey Babe’. The elegance of James and Jones with the power and quality of Hill and Holiday. It’s a powerful mix to pull off, right!

That undertone of old-world class and sophistication really help give the ‘Hey Babe’ a unique quality. As with her fashion work, Moss’s managed to craft a theme which is altogether hers, and that’s such a rare quality in 2021.

Moss has said of her sound:

The music that I write is about my experiences with love, joy, strength and the importance of self-worth

An incredibly important message which we hope she continues to promote through the rest of her music. If the rest of her tunes are this easy to get on with she’s on to a winner in both message and sound.

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