Jack Rose – Rockstar – Single Review

Popular Jack Rose is following up on the successes of his previous singles with his new tune ‘Rockstar’, a poppy anthem which is bang on trend.

Jack Rose returns with new single ‘Rockstar’

With legions of loyal fans on social media, a successful series on Amazon TV and “One to Watch” status from the Official Charts Company no less, Jack Rose is a modern-day triple-threat, who could have the world at his feet.

Although, his new single ‘Rockstar’ has a tall task ahead of it if it’s to keep pace with his previous works. Tunes like “Not the One” and “Freak Ya” placed highly in Europe before last year’s “Better on My Own” took him to the next level. Supporting tour slots alongside the likes of Faith Evans, Tinchy Stryder and Beverly Knight to name a few have done little to dampen the hype around the Kent talent.

So, what do we have with ‘Rockstar’? In truth Rose has shown in this tune that he’s not just some new pop act spouting buzzwords for 10 minutes while the industry works for him.

There’s a clear knowledge of his audience bumping through this latest single. The driving beat and faded vocals are laser-guided to strike the current pop market landscape.

Featuring the type of sound which has been dominating the charts in recent years, a bassline which rumbles your soul and a hook which refuses to drop out of your head. There’s something impressive happening on ‘Rockstar’.

After linking up with a host of the hottest producers in the UK, Rose has set out a pretty impressive launch pad for this track.

Hailed as the UK’s answer to Justin Timberlake, he certainly has the platform and popularity to hit the ground running. Now with ‘Rockstar’ we’re adamant he has the sort of jet-propelled tune to truly light the ignition.

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