Mega Happy – Honey Pie – Single Review

Mega Happy are the latest young filly of a band in the Mönch Records stable and their new single ‘Honey Pie’ is bringing unbridled success.

Mega Happy’s new tune ‘Honey Pie’ is out now

Made up of Austin O’Neill and Patrick Foster, Mega Happy are being tipped for huge things when this year finally chugs into action.

Following a live stream performance at Eiger Studios and a sold out Bandcamp site, Mega Happy are going from strength to strength. And their latest track ‘Honey Pie’ is providing the rocket from which this band can blast off.

The Leeds-based outfit have burst forward out of a chrysalis formed of post-punk attitude to deliver a wavy piece of melancholic indie-pop.

Jangling guitars sparkle providing a glistening canvas for Patrick Foster’s vocals to punch through. This combination of high-end guitars and conversational lyricism pulls connotations of bands like Circa Waves.

However, while that comparison to the likes of Circa Waves is there to be made. There’s something altogether different happening over at Mönch with Mega Happy.

In the final 30 seconds ‘Honey Pie’ changes tack and comes alive again. The high-hat spangled percussion is traded for a bouncing rhythmic bassline which encourages your toe to start tapping. Foster’s vocal keeps pace with the switch up and ends up in real early Arctic Monkeys-esque finale which just makes your heart happy.

Foster said of the new single:

I wrote Honey Pie quite a while ago and it really contrasted with our other previous music sonically so we really wanted to really push that to an extreme and take advantage of the studio to layer the track and make it as big as possible. We are really proud of it as it still sounds very us but has a lot of different parts that we love

It’s this profound understanding of who they are as a band at such a young collective age, and a laser-guided focus on their sound which ensures they have what it takes connect with audiences up and down the country.

You can hear they know what they’re doing. Foster’s easily digestible lyricism and O’Neill’s wisdom on the guitar has proven they can create tunes to light up any of the dingy music venues we all love so much.

With plenty of live shows under their belt already, including a slot at Rough Trade’s Nottingham base, and a growing legion of fans we’d be Mega Happy too.

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