The Guest Room – Call Me – Single Review

If we had just three words to describe the single ‘Call Me’ from The Guest Room, they would be “it’s a bop”.

The Guest Room are back with the latest single ‘Call Me’

Cooler than a penguin’s foot, the new single by The Guest Room, ‘Call Me’, is smooth as glass and implores you to move when you listen to it.

Featuring Adison Rice and Mason Rice, there’s more than an element of soul to the tune. Although, there’s also influences of jazz, pop and even some blues in there too.  

An absolute pleasure to have on repeat, the melodic guitars with a jazzy drum beat and more than a whisper of keyboards. ‘Call Me’ comes alive from beat one.

A rapped intro with a bit of layered synth and keyboards are very reminiscent of works by Drake. But then that jazzy, bluesy rhythm kicks in and creates something which is a joy to behold.

The Guest Room

The highest complement we can pay the lead vocals is, the fact they reminded us of Sampha. In truth, ‘Call Me’ is just chic enough to work as an instrumental. However, Adison’s velvety smooth vocal performance adds another layer to the track and lifts it again.

What ‘Call Me’ does prove is that these Southern California boppers know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to crafting a sound. They’ve managed to cram everything into this track, from filling it with Cali sunshine to having the nous to call on the Rice’s for the cool-injected vocals.

We use the word ‘cram’ very carefully though because while there are a lot of influences and themes lacing this track, you never get the feeling the tune has been over-worked. Often times new artists will try and show off all their talents in one go and it ends up being a confusing hotchpotch of sound, that’s not the case here.

There’s some magic at work here under the Californian sun. We can’t wait to hear more from The Guest Room.

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