The Great Leslie – Out Of My Hands – Single Review

The new single from Suffolk’s The Great Leslie, ‘Out Of My Hands’ is a jovial indie-pop toe-tapper.

The Great Leslie are back with their catchy new track ‘Out Of My Hands’

This quartet say they take their musical influences from a range of incredible artists from Queen to Ella Fitzgerald and David Bowie to Paolo Nutini. There’s definitely a lot of the latter about their latest track ‘Out Of My Hands’.

Off the back of several EP’s and acclaim pouring in for their previous two tracks ‘I Know You Know’ and ‘Money’ the band are now looking to cement 2021 as “their year”.

Claiming ‘Track of the Week’ status on BBC Introducing Suffolk and continuous play on Planet Rock. It’s fair to say they’ve set the foundations strong for success with ‘Out Of My Hands’.

With backing like that and a new track as catchy as this latest single is, we think the boys are set to go stratospheric.

Melodic guitars and light-hearted, almost comical, lyricism drive ‘Out Of My Hands’. This fusion sits the track up in front of you and forces you to listen, before you know it it’s under your skin and your infected with its charm. Symptoms consist of tuneless whistling and constant foot tapping.

While there is that comical vibe to the tune, it stops way short of being one of becoming one of those tragic parody songs. ‘Out Of My Hands’ is something pure and enjoyable.

Lead singer Ollie Trevers’ vocal is perfectly matched to the music and his lyrics take you on a journey through a list of unfortunate events and traits which he professes are ‘out of his hands’. Not sure we completely believe him though. Throughout the track those upbeat guitars collude with rocky drums to deliver something truly buoyant.

If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, stay in your home and put the track on again. This will ensure you don’t look foolish when you go out in public. Watch the video and call us in the morning.

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