Sasha Sky – Doubts – Single Review

‘Doubts’ is the debut single from London-based singer, dancer, artist and all-round talent Sasha Sky.

Sasha Sky is here with her debut single ‘Doubts’

A haunting introduction to Sky’s abilities, ‘Doubts’ is the 21-year-old’s first release but you wouldn’t have thought it from the skilful arrangement and delicate application found in the track.

Oozing elegance and an amount of poise rarely seen in someone of such a young age, the single is super slick.

We’re treated to luxurious piano early in the piece, juxtaposing beautifully against the ominous sounding synth which rises throughout adding a developing darkness.

The two sounds come together and play out a fascinating dance which, along with the clever lyricism, seem to tell the story of a main character who’s struggling with her own self-confidence while facing big decisions in her life.

The lyricism in ‘Doubts’ is razor-sharp

Over the top of that delicate balance of light and dark from the piano and synths are Sky’s angelic vocals.

There’s an early noughties R&B quality to her voice. In parts it comes across vulnerable before gathering strength to push home the hook “I have doubts” in a tone which reverberates around your speakers. We’re reminded of the first time we heard Katy B.

‘Doubts’ continues to build to a crescendo which you always feel Sky’s in control of. At no point does it become too much for the graceful vocals. Then all too soon, it dissipates. At only 2:30 minutes long it’s something of a brief introduction to these artist’s enviable talents.

As a debut ‘Doubts’ is a spine-tingling bow. Sky has proven, in one track, she possesses a keen ear for detail and razor-sharp lyricism.

Check out ‘Doubts’ on Spotify now

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