Uncool Paul – Cortina Conception – Single Review

The latest single from Uncool Paul comes in the form of the delightfully off-beat ‘Cortina Conception’.

Uncool Paul returns with the madcap ‘Cortina Conception’

If Damon Albarn and Suggs got together to run a funhouse at a fairground, this would be what it sounded like.

A zany wander through the ever-sparking brain of Uncool Paul, ‘Cortina Conception’ is a dazzling array of sound and vocals.

There’s so many sounds and influences to unpack on this track, we’re not going to attempt to dissect it too much. Because, we feel, what’s the point?

‘Cortina Conception’ is a track which, like Paul himself, defies characterisation and you get the feeling, listening to the track, that’s absolutely fine with the artist.

It doesn’t take itself too seriously and Paul’s had a field day on the synths and electronic gadgetry. Creating a sound which reflects the artist, ‘Cortina Conception’ is jovial and nonsensical.

Many would have you believe that’s a bad thing, but we don’t see it that way. This track goes its own way. A dazzling, silly ode to just cutting loose and having some fun. The driving drum beat pushes the whole thing forward and there’s a super 80s feel to it.

Paul’s vocal is reminiscent of so many London-based artists who’ve found fame utilising their accent through their lyricism. It’s a combination which works surprisingly well on this synth-fuelled, electronic mish mash of sound.

In short, we enjoyed it, stay weird Paul.

‘Cortina Conception’ is from Uncool Paul’s latest album Limon & Leme and is available to stream on Spotify now. Give it a try and allow yourself some fun.

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