Rocket Report – Highs Like This – Single Review

‘Highs Like This’ is the second single to come from Rocket Report, a coming together of industry old-heads Jon Russell also known as Jonteknik, and Mark J Stagg, who you may know as Staggman.

Rocket Report are back with their second single ‘Highs Like This’

After processing beats and dabbling on tracks since the 90s Russell and Stagg have come together to create Rocket Report. ‘Highs Like This’ is the duo’s second single and it’s set to launch the band into the stratosphere.

The latest single from these dance dynamos is a piece of perfect synth-pop pleasure. ‘Highs Like This’ comes in with a, beat-laden, lengthy intro which New Order lovers will be really happy with.

Russell’s vocal then comes to the fore with a gentle tone which takes nothing away from the complex mix. Instead, it adds another layer to the soundscape which makes the track even more of a pleasure to behold.

‘Highs Like This’ is something of a mysterious track though. You can throw it on in the background and it’ll chug away with those awesome 80s ethereal sounds. But before long it starts to absolutely demand your attention.

You can try to mop the kitchen floor, or tidy the house, or get on with some work as it spins away behind you. But we guarantee you won’t be able to resist the driving bassline and delicious hook for long.

Once it’s got you there’s no going back. It sinks its claws in and holds you in sweet suspension until its all over and you’re way behind on your workload.

Just a pure, unadulterated, banger.

Although, however much you like ‘Highs Like This’ don’t expect an upcoming album full of uplifting 80s inspired synth-pop. Rocket Report are putting together the final touches for their debut record however the duo recently released a brief statement on the band’s Facebook page confirming we can expect the album to have “some dark, heavier moments too”.

We can’t wait to hear what comes next from this impressive outfit.

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