Milan Reid – 21 Grams – Single Review

’21 Grams’ is the latest single from singer-songwriter Milan Reid following up on his debut album ‘Closeness Over Time’.

’21 Grams’ by Milan Reid is available everywhere now

Milan’s brilliantly melancholic tones delivered a top-notch debut on ‘Closeness Over Time’ and those weepy overtones are there again in ’21 Grams’.

This new release builds on the successful foundations laid on his debut album and Milan has experimented slightly by adding more range to his sound.

Where before we were treated to more stripped-back, acoustic vibes, on ’21 Grams’ the artist seems to be tinkering with more electronic sounds to create a richer landscape for his incredible lyrics to flourish in.

While he may have looked to expand his sound somewhat, the lyricism is the Milan Reid we know and love. Melancholic tones and melodic guitars shaking hands once again.

Milan penned ’21 Grams’ from the perspective of someone going through a break-up and that angst certainly comes through in the performance.

The dejected vocals coupled with that new electronic, pained guitar allow the track to soar. As ’21 Grams’ builds towards its conclusion, the tune starts to own that new soundscape until the result is reminiscent of early Radiohead or ‘Don’t Panic’ era Coldplay.

There’s clearly more to come from Milan Reid. Following on from the incredible platform built with the debut album.

’21 Grams’ looks to have everything in the right place to help continue his superb rise to notoriety.

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