Andy Page – A6 Music – Album Review

‘A6 Music’ is the debut solo album from Matlock’s Andy Page. It’s a rocky, yet heart-felt, dive into Andy’s past which will scoop you up and take you on a journey.

‘A6 Music’ is the debut solo album from Andy Page

After writing and gigging with plenty of bands Andy Page has now decided to go his own way with his debut album ‘A6 Music’.

The album gave us so many vibes. Each track bringing a different feel. We got elements of Babybird through to soundscapes reminiscent of Courteeners and possibly some Frank Turner, even a bit of The Fratellis.

What we’re trying to say is, ‘A6 Music’ is an accomplished piece of work and if you like any, or all, of those artists and bands then give it a spin. We promise you won’t be let down

Wandering from punky attitude on ‘I Never Wanted You’ through to nostalgic looks back to sunny youthful days spent mucking around on the hills of the Peak District in ‘Tales From The Bridge’.

There’s a real beauty to the album which is driven by those gravelly, brand new-yet so familiar, vocals from Page.

For us there’s no question. The absolute star on the record is the wonderful ‘Catherine Wheel’. The high-tempo drumming and rising guitars are what gave us those Courteeners vibes. The hook is simply sublime and will stay in your head for days. We didn’t want it to end!

‘A6 Music’ is absolutely ram-jammed full of anthemic tracks which you can really picture hearing people screaming out in a dark and dingey venue (fingers crossed for June 21 when we can do that again!). ‘Catherine Wheel’ will sound incredible with thousands of people belting it out and we’re sure Andy agrees.

However, all this talk of bouncing venues and belting tracks would have you believe ‘A6 Music’ doesn’t come out of top gear. But this isn’t the case, tracks like ‘Exit Song’ and ‘She Floats Away’ are deliciously timed.

Coming in with a calming effect, like a fresh layer of sun cream on a hot day. These balm-like tracks tell their own story and leave you feeling ready for the next ‘Catherine Wheel’-esque onslaught.

You can probably tell from all this; we loved the record. ‘A6 Music’ represents more than just a man looking back on his childhood and how he loved and lost, then loved again.

It’s a bouncing, melodic, anthemic – yet emotive wander down Page’s memory lane we didn’t want that journey to stop!

‘A6 Music’ is available everywhere from March 5. Until then, enjoy the video for ‘Catherine Wheel’.

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