Ozzie Lovin – Angel – Single Review

‘Angel’ is the latest single from Miami-based singer-songwriter Ozzie Lovin and this time he’s enlisted the smooth tones of Josh Tatofi.

‘Angel’ is the latest single from Ozzie Lovin

Painting the picture of a man struggling with his love-life. Our main character is desperately seeking something long-term but finds himself unable to resist the siren call of those he knows are bad for him.

But, apart from giving us strange new feelings about Simba from the Lion King in the artwork, what else does ‘Angel’ offer?

Well, the tune itself is super-catchy. Heavy R&B, funk and dancehall influences come together to create something genuinely uplifting and fun to listen to.

If you’re in a bad mood ‘Angel’ is sure to drag you out of your slump. That dancehall-esque beat is a simple but effective tool in driving the vocals forward.

The track doesn’t take itself too seriously. You can hear there’s fun, happy vibes underpinning the sound and lyrics. It may just be us, but we’re also getting some whiffs of Shaggy from those merry tones as well. Although, that may just be a flashback to his track of the same name. 

(Sorry to Ozzie Lovin, only just realised how weird “whiffs of Shaggy sounds) 

Anyway… back to the tune. Over the top of the clean beat, there’s a funky tone which fills out the sound a little more. We have to say, the hook is a joy. Entertaining and ruthlessly catchy, it’s been living rent-free in our heads for a couple of days now.

This track marks the first time Ozzie has graced us with his singing voice, having previously dabbled in more of a rap soundscape, and we have to say it works really nicely.

Josh Tatofi is the other voice you’ll notice featuring on ‘Angel’. His velvet-smooth vocal adds even more depth and quality. It’s also his influence which we feel really propels the tune, giving it that soulful R&B vibe.

All in all, ‘Angel’ is great to just throw on. Don’t take it too seriously, ultimately we think if you start over analysing it then some of the joy will be lost. Settle down and just enjoy it for what it is, a unique sound which genuinely makes you want to move your feet.

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