Future Radio – Closed Doors – Single Review

‘Closed Doors’ is the new single from South African rockers Future Radio.

Future Radio are here to melt your face with their new single

This new single is a strong introduction to what this dynamic duo are about. With plenty of smashing percussion, soaring guitars and the odd face-melting solo it’s a great span of their enviable talents.

Coming from their debut album ‘Freedom’, which is available everywhere now, ‘Closed Doors’ makes use of that oldest of conflicts – light and dark.

The verses and bridges use sinister reverberating rocky themes to build tension before the uplifting hook comes in and swells with light and confidence.

Lyrically ‘Closed Doors’ follows that theme of juxtaposing darkness against light adding more meat to the bones of the story. Verses paint a vivid black message of a dour outlook before, frontman, Johnny Future alleviates the tension by reminding us all that there is something to live for.

A timely message following Boris Johnson’s roadmap speech this week.

Speaking about the song’s message and arrangement Future, said:

Throughout the song, there is a constant interplay between dark and light, not only lyrically but also instrumentally. The song being played in a shuffle makes it feel kind of up, in contrast to the minor key in which I wrote the song. It serves as a metaphor for everyday life

As we said, this latest track is from the band’s debut album which follows a unique plan itself. Mapped out in “acts” as well as tracks, hence the “Season 1, Episode 12” video title below.

But, as with many new things, time will tell whether this album layout is a revolutionary direction or something which gets lost in translation.

We will say this though, with everyone spending more time at home at the moment, a more structured, story-lead piece of work may just hit all the right notes and provide some vital escapism.

On ‘Closed Doors’, it’s a perfectly good rock track. Building you up with tension and leaving you with hope. Everything you could want then really!

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