Dolly Dolores – Dream – Single Review

Swedish singer-songwriter Dolly Dolores is back with her new single ‘Dream’ after a six-year hiatus.

Dolly Dolores’ new single ‘Dream’ is hauntingly beautiful

Following on from a successful first crack in the industry which saw her collaborate with household Swedish acts such as The Ark, The Cardigans, Damn! And Eggstone, as well as a whirlwind of exposure radio and TV.

Dolly is now back creating her own sound and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Like a classic piece of Scandinavian interior design, ‘Dream’ oozes chic, contemporary style. With a stunningly unique 60’s soulfulness and dreamy doo-wop overtones, it knocks your senses for six!

Unusual instruments like the Omnichord and a classical Ondes martenot synth may be the reason behind this truly unique sound which seems to blend eras and genres effortlessly.

The whole thing is spectacularly constructed. From Dolly’s velvety-smooth vocal through to the lyrics and overall message, which couldn’t have wished for a better vehicle that Dolly, it’s perfect for some easy listening.

There’s no doubt those stunning vocals are the star of the track. Drifting ethereally throughout, giving an almost mournful scope to the cautionary lyrics.  

Penned as a warning to younger generations to not get distracted from their aspirations and to follow their dreams before the cynicism of adulthood sucks the joy out of their lives.

It’s this message, along with the track, and Dolly’s performance which give off a really haunting vibe that is sure to stay with you. But the beauty in this is undeniable.

Dolly’s currently in the process of putting together a new album, which she hopes will be with us by the time autumn rolls around.

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