Sunset Jet – Shitshow – Single Review

There’s not many huge Britpop inspired bands coming out of the Isle of Man at the moment but Sunset Jet are jostling for just such a position.

‘Shitshow’ is the latest single from Manx band Sunset Jet

The band’s latest single ‘Shitshow’ is a light-hearted take on the terrible mess we all find ourselves in during lockdown in the UK.

It’s a sound which has followed the band around in their previous releases ‘Happiness is a Work of Art’ and ‘Smile’, as well as through a number of live performances and even a Battle of the Bands title win.

But now that effervescent vibe faces it’s toughest test so far, jollying up lockdown

In a bid to do just that, the band set about DIY sound-proofing their shared house and got to work on penning ‘Shitshow’.

The tune is frontman Brad’s first ode to his long-term girlfriend and a recognition of the struggles they’re now facing together as a result of the pandemic.

So, do Sunset Jet manage to jolly up lockdown? Sadly, no…

But that’s not a comment on the song. More an over-inflated annoyance on our part at this ongoing boredom.

However, ‘Shitshow’ is certainly peppy! Rhythmic guitars provide a bouncy tune and Brad’s vocal floats over the top to provide really strong direction.

The hook keeps that jovial feel and is genuinely catchy! To the point where; in two week’s time when you’re chopping veg or something else mundane and you find yourself humming a tune you can’t place. We’ll be willing to bet a decent amount of cash it will be ‘Shitshow’.

Many couples up and down the country will be going through a similar range of emotions as Brad and his partner. And this tune encapsulates those emotions really nicely, yet in a way which is so relatable.

This is whole period is a shit show. But as long as we have strong tunes like this, we’ll be fine. And think of all the gigs we’ll have lined up when Bojo gives the green light!

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