Hazey – Left To Wonder – EP review

‘Left To Wonder’ is the debut EP from Bristol-based duo Hazey, and it left us wondering, what’s next?!

Hazey are here with their debut EP ‘Let To Wonder’

Okay ‘Left To Wonder’ is not even out yet, so we probably shouldn’t already be thinking about the next releases. But Hazey have us excited!

A partnership built on dreamy guitars and foggy synthesisers, this dynamic duo are carving a new sound in the indie-pop genre and it’s genuinely fun listen to.

Fans of Foals, The 1975 and Deaf Havana will be able to see (or hear) influences from those bands. Although, Hazey have crafted a sound all of themselves.

But enough about the band, let’s get into the music.

Talking about the first track on the EP, ‘Kimberley’, Hazey said:

Kimberly is our nightmare. Trapped in a maze of chaotic thoughts. Helpless but wonderful. We hope you enjoy the ride.

‘Kimberley’ provides a heavier sound than the other tracks on the EP. The low rumble of drums against the drifting synths provides vivid storytelling through the music. You get images of a dark and angry sky which, try as you might, you cant escape.

For us, we think there’s more than a little bit of the Blink 182’s about their sound too. The vocal performance on ‘Saying Goodbye’ and, the slower, ‘Bliss’ definitely nod towards the American noughties’ rockers.

The pair said of the former of those two tunes:

Goodbye is an outlet of emotion based on the past year of struggle, upset, love, uncertainty, but mostly the beauty of a long-distance relationship based in 2 continents. Being apart from your loved ones gives you time to reflect but also sparks excitement.

The lesson learned is to let go of what we can’t control and enjoy the present instead of worrying about tomorrow

We’re not worried about tomorrow, as long as there’s more Hazey music on the way!

In short, the whole EP is a triumph of an introduction to this band and what they’re about. Wonderfully put together, in terms of musicality and track-listing, and there’s a melt-in-mouth irresistibility about the songs themselves. We could listen to ‘Left To Wonder’ all day.

‘Left To Wonder’ is released on 5 March

Watch the video for ‘Kimberley’ now.  

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