Saint – Lucid – EP Review

Stourbridge rapper Saint has recently dropped his debut EP ‘Lucid’ to backdrop of hype and interest from the likes of the BBC.

Saint announces his arrival on the West Midlands rap scene with new EP ‘Lucid’

Saint enjoyed success through much of 2020 chiselling a sound which turned heads and ears garnering support from BBC Introducing. Now he’s hoping to improve on that interest with his debut release ‘Lucid’.

Something of a unique commodity in this day and age, Saint is a rapper who want bother the bleep switch. Radio DJs everywhere will breathe a sigh of relief as he has found a rare skill of being able to develop catchy rhymes without the use of bad language.

Okay, so that’s not something which is going to light a fire under the budding rap community, we just thought it was worth highlighting. Its probably too soon to go hailing him as the Will Smith of the West Midlands rap scene. We’re not sure if he’d be happy with that comparison either.

However, one thing he can be happy with is that fact that he’s managed to produce an EP of genuine quality.

‘Lucid’, released on MusicalKillah Records where Saint operates as CEO, runs through five tracks which grab a hold of you, through a driving beat, and don’t let go.

 It’s a very clever record really, because, while you know there won’t be any swearing or illusions of gang culture and criminality, the dark composition and angsty tone to Saint’s vocal keeps you interested. As if at any moment you feel like it could explode.

Tracks like ‘Adrenaline’ and ‘No More’ won’t be considered as gangster rap. But they certainly more than rub shoulders with the notion.

Saint’s rhyme work and razor-sharp lyrics are the real stars of the record. Smooth as glass and relentless they thump away with a simple beat which, granted, won’t win him any Grammy’s. But it’s such an easy listen.

This EP is such a refreshing switch up to the current UK rap game and should be taken as seriously as anything coming out of the grime obsessed studios of the capital.  

Stream ‘Lucid’ now.

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