Toby & Pip – Little Lady – Single Review

Singer-songwriter couple from London Toby & Pip released their second single ‘Little Lady’ as an ode to their, you guessed it, little girl.

Toby & Pip’s second single is all about their ‘Little Lady’

After the birth of their daughter, Josie, towards the end of 2020, Toby & Pip decided to pen ‘Little Lady’ which puts down on paper all their emotions going into, and experiencing, parenthood.

The dynamic duo describe the tune as “joyful & uplifting” and we have to agree. Although not parents ourselves, the message and lyricism behind the track are powerful and emotive.

Toby does the bulk of the singing on the track and there’s more than a little of the Tim Minchin’s about his tone. It also reminded us a little of Frank Turner’s softer stuff, think ‘The Way I Tend To Be’ Turner and you’re somewhere there.

Melodic guitars and the pair’s signature ukulele ring out over the track under that warm vocal from Toby. Pip’s angelic backing vocals add more depth to the heady mix until you’re completely full.

There is an accompanying video to go along with ‘Little Lady’ (we’ll drop it in at the bottom of this post) which was filmed by the couple going about everyday life with Josie. Filming a second of footage a day and sewing it together to create a video which is as heart-warming as the track.

The pair said of their second single:

It’s about the transformation you go through when becoming a parent for the first time – how a new life can change the way you view the world & yourself. How it makes you want to be the best you can be & do the best you can do for your child

Josie’s seriously cute too, so out advice if you’ve been with your partner a while and their thinking about kids, but you’re not sure – don’t show them this. Or, conversely, watch it and it may just change your mind on the whole having a family thing.

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