Simon Collins – Becoming Human – Single Review

Simon Collins’ journey on the international music scene has been a long one and it’s lead to his latest single, ‘Becoming Human’

‘Becoming Human’ is the celestial new release from Simon Collins

The vastly experienced son of, all-conquering, Phil Collins. Simon’s long-winding love affair with music started from a young age, as you can imagine. The drums called him, as did the piano and the guitar, then came the band ‘Sound of Contact’.

But now he’s out under his own flag releasing music under the ‘Frontiers’ records label. An Italian company who boast acts like Journey, Toto and Blue Oyster Cult.

‘Becoming Human’ is the title track from Collins’ fourth solo album which he now hopes will continue his evolution as an artist in his own right.

Romantic sci-fi fans prepare to throw your hands up in euphoria as ‘Becoming Human’ is a laser-guided beaut of a tune aimed squarely at you.

With more than a hint of his father’s dulcet tones about the higher notes in his performance, ‘Becoming Human’ possesses a dark vibe which ultimately belies a much lighter message.

The chorus of “all you need is love for becoming human” brightens the track and ensures it comes at you from a position of compassion rather than something altogether more sinister.

However, there are more layers to this, quite complex, track than dark vibes and light messaging.

Listen underneath Collins’ expert percussion & vocal and you’ll find there’s more to unpack. Including an electronic sound which lends itself to the track’s celestial video.

Speaking recently about ‘Becoming Human’ and the upcoming album Collins said:

Maturing as an artist and human being has enabled me to find my own voice and confident musical direction no matter what people say,

All in all, ‘Becoming Human’ is a perfectly easy listen from the London-born talent. If you’re in the market for an electronica-inspired interstellar love song, then it’s perfect for you.

For everyone else, give it a try!

You’ll soon find there’s not a lot to dislike here and that theme continues on the album which has garnered some pretty hefty support of its own since its September release

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