Intervene – The Conquering – Single Review

‘The Conquering’ is the latest single from South Yorkshire’s Intervene and to say they’re a little wound up at the year that wasn’t is a little understatement.

‘The Conquering’ is the latest single from South Yorkshire’s Intervene

This new single is Intervene’s first self-propelled single from their newly formed record label ‘Major Players Records’. And it’s absolutely dripping with angst and post-punk swagger.

Many bands used the enforced hiatus of 2020 to get down to writing and fine-tuning their craft. Intervene have been doing that, but it also feels like they’ve been using the time to get pretty bloody annoyed.

Written as a sort-of two fingers to the year we all never had and the government’s handling of the pandemic. There’s more than a little bit of cathartic release about ‘The Conquering’.

Archaic and angry from the get-go, Jack Constantine’s snarling vocal rasps throughout the track. A fearsome bassline chugs away underneath the flickering guitars.

It builds and builds until all hell breaks loose about 20-seconds from the end of the track. You can really visualise the lads playing this live and it being absolute bedlam! Bliss…

Constantine said of ‘The Conquering’:

Compromise is a curse. If no-one gets what they want, it’s all totally fucking futile. We’re all pretty wound up after the lost year of 2020, and if we’ve learned anything it’s that we can’t afford to waste any more time. No matter what this year throws at us, we’re set on finding our way out of the wilderness – where we’ve been for a last couple of years actually.

We’re loving the new wave of punk annoyance which is filtering back out into music now as a result of the terrible things we’ve all had to endure.

Tracks like this one from Intervene and YNES’s ‘Better Job’ and across the pond with TWWSM’s album ‘The Great Escape’. Bands everywhere are showing that incredible things can come from the most awful of circumstances and, in the end, isn’t that why we all love tunes!?

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