Cultures – Ghost – Single Review

Manchester’s latest indie sons Cultures have released their brand new single ‘Ghost’ in a heady mix of indie-rock and snyth-pop.

Cultures are out of the woods with their new single ‘Ghost’

Who are Cultures

When we hear there’s a new indie band making waves in Manchester we never fail to get a flicker of excitement. The same happened here when we heard Cultures had released their new single ‘Ghost’.

That heritage focussed wave of pressure can have one of two effects on a band. It either crushes them under the sheer weight of optimism & expectation or they’re able to ride that sucker all the way to the big time.

It seems Cultures are intent on doing the latter. With a handful of headline shows in their native Manc under their belt, at uber cool venues like Night & Day Café and The Deaf Institute, the trio now look to be branching out to bigger things.

Cultures’ unique blend of alt-rock and indie pop have helped them turn heads throughout their four-year existence. But now the sound is making waves on a wider scale.

The Track

Ghosts’ floats along delicately with trendy and melodic guitars drifting over the top of heady 80s-style synth. The whole thing may lack direction until, first, the drums and, second, Josh Spivey’s vocals come through and drive it all forwards.

What your left with is a really likeable track with lyrics which cut through and give the tune a wonderful message.

Spivey said of the band’s new tune and its lyricism:

The song has come to represent a huge number of different feelings and concepts as it’s developed. The lyrics ‘you never needed someone to take you home’ refer to coming to realise that you are more capable of being independent than you knew and in ‘he never saw you as skin and bones.’ I try to tackle the idea of how people’s perceptions of each other can be completely different from our own ideas of ourselves. I think we have a habit of assuming people think the worst of us when people are actually really good when given the chance

All we know is we like the sound of it and can’t wait to hear more from the lads. And, as a side note to Manchester:

When you unearth these bands, the rest of us aren’t local enough to pop along to a show. So do us a favour and shout about them next time! Four years is a long time to keep these guys under wraps.

Sincerely, the rest of indie music loving Britain.

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