Myriam Adams – Sexy Suburban Sadness – EP Review

The brand-new EP from Birmingham four-piece Myriam Adams ‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ is a real a journey.

‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ is the debut EP from Birmingham quartet Myriam Adams

From furious punk-like vibes through to 1975-esque ethereal melodies. You get the feeling this band are showing us everything they can do while simultaneously figuring it out for themselves.

Myriam Adams exploded on to the West Midlands indie-scene with their 2019 debut single ‘I Think I Might Die’ garnering acclaim which culminated in a Birmingham Music Award and BBC radio play.

This sharp rise to local notoriety has meant they had to stay on their toes and we think this EP is their way of doing that and settling the insatiable demand for more music from them.

So then, what about the EP?

Well, like we said, it’s a journey. We think fans of the ’75 will go loopy for it.

First track ‘angerangercute’ is a slap in the face from the moment you press play. Lead singer Jacques Hete’s angsty vocal feels like it’s being shouted at you from behind a chicken-wire fence.

It’s raw and powerful then, like a huge wave out to sea, it dissipates as quickly as it came. The anger is replaced by an altogether different sound which the band describe as “bubble-gum indie” and we have to say we couldn’t have described it better.

After that rollercoaster you’re straight on to track two ‘Babe’, all the while checking your phone to make sure you’re still listening to the same band.

Once you’ve ensured you’ve not accidentally put the stream on shuffle. ‘Babe’ continues in an altogether more placid pace.

Hete’s vocal is stripped back to the sound of lilting piano as the track begins. It then gathers momentum through bouncing synth-work and a driving bassline which make it so easy to listen to.

For us, ‘Best Nude’ is the star on this record. Merging more clever synths with 90s style percussion and guitar it’s a joy to listen to. There’s something very Matty Healy about Hete’s delicate vocal which dances elegantly on top of the beat.

Those 90s vibes stay well and truly front and centre on the final track ‘Hugs’. The bass and percussion are allowed to go for more of a wander as Hete shows us his versatility again.

Throughout the EP it’s clear that Myriam Adams have worked hard at crafting a sound which allows them to stand outside of any pigeon-hole.

‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ is a body of work which succeeds in telling us absolutely everything and close to absolutely nothing about this emerging talent.

When you can flip genres from track to track like these guys, as a listener or a fan, you’ll never know more than what they let you have.

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing by the way. It just means whenever you hear Myriam Adams are bringing out another single, EP or album you get excited and start to think “I wonder which band are going to show up this time?”

And variety is the spice of life after all!

‘Sexy Suburban Sadness’ is available to download and stream now

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