Skruff – The Juggler – Single Review

Sheffield-based band Skruff are looking to announce their arrival with debut single ‘The Juggler’.

Joe Fish is the man behind Skruff

Who are Skruff?

Brainchild of indie-rocker Joe Fish, Skruff are a band after Joe’s own heart delivering a punchy sound which is so easy to get on with.

Their debut single ‘The Juggler’, due out in late February, is giving us all massive early Courteeners and Shadow Puppets vibes.

Rangy guitars and crashing percussion give the track that ominous feel which keeps you hooked throughout.

The Juggler

‘The Juggler’ bursts into life with that percussion and driving bassline shaking your senses and they keep their foot down throughout. Joe’s vocal then hits the front and he keeps pace brilliantly.  

It’s a great introduction to what Skruff are about. An almost merciless tune which asks or gives no quarter. You simply have to throw it on knowing what you’re getting yourself in for and turn into the skid.

True, you’ll never hear ‘The Juggler’ serenading you at a fancy dinner party, nor would you want to.

But it a sweaty, dark, quality small music venue it should definitely take pride of place jangling your senses in a joyous cacophony of sound.

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