YNES – Better Job – Single Review

Anglo-Canadian singer-songwriter YNES’s latest single ‘Better Job’ is a raucous piece of punky rage against the establishment.

YNES is back and she’s furious

Who is YNES and why does she need a ‘Better Job’?

Kira Inezz Riess, or YNES to you and me, was born in Coventry before moving over to Canada and working as a Barista, whilst refining her sound.

She calls herself an “amateur musician but a professional fuck up” but honestly, we see past that. YNES has managed to craft a sound which is just as edgy and eye-catching as her imagery and self-promotion.

With post-punk vibes reverberating around everything she does it was only a matter of time before she released something like ‘Better Job’.

Following on from her successful debut EP ‘Sit Down, Grow Up’, released last year, and a certain Chancellor of the Exchequer’s inflammatory comments about the arts industry towards the backend of 2020. YNES has now put together this furious middle-finger of a song to show the government how she really feels about their, seeming, lack of assistance for the arts during the UK’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

A powerful lyric in the track, which will tell you everything you need to know about its foundations, is:

If you want, we’ll all get better jobs – but you can throw away your DVDs, you unsubscribe from Netflix, and delete your music library

On to the track

‘Better Job’ slaps you around the face from the moment YNES’s vocal explodes on to the track over the top of rasping guitars and thumping drums, to deliver an emotional, raw, and in many ways’ poignant performance.

While holding fast to that punk image which adds even more bite to the song, YNES always stays on the right side of with her performance. Because of its powerful bedrock message it would be easy for ‘Better Job’ to descend into screaming obscenities at the government, but it remains elevated against such juvenile behaviour.

It is this show-stopping fury delivered in such an artful way which allows people like YNES in the music industry to hold a light up to injustices and describe them in a way which is not only great to listen to, but easy to digest.

That’s the technical thesis anyway. But in a much more shallow interpretation, we just think ‘Better Job’ slaps.

Check out the eye-popping video for ‘Better Job’ now

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