The Banshees – Point of You – single review

The Banshees latest single ‘Point of You’ is new, different and a shimmering piece of 80s inspired indie-pop that will rattle your brain.

The Banshees latest single heralds a change in direction for the Liverpudlians

Who are The Banshees?

With bags of potential and a bank of knowledge, Liverpool-based duo The Banshees have returned with their latest single ‘Point of You’.

Vinny Pereira and Paul Holligan have a wealth of industry knowledge. Having worked with, and supported, huge names like Noel Gallagher, The Bluetones, Chris Helme (The Seahorses) and various members of Inspiral Carpets.

The pair have pooled all that incredible experience into The Banshees and all that nous shines through on their latest single ‘Point of You’.

Following on from the successes of their debut EP ‘Self Medicated’ in 2019 and the more recently released singles ‘Silent Nightmare/Chasing Pablo’ and You’re Wrong’ the band have been racking up the Youtube views and streams.

In fact, 15,000 of you have streamed their tunes and a whopping 35,000 have checked out their videos on the popular video sharing site.

‘Point of You’

Although the band have enjoyed plenty of success with their previous works, this new track sees them head in a slightly different direction.

The synthy sound of ‘Point of You’ directs you squarely at the 80s, but then the melodic wandering guitars merge in 70s vibes too.

Vinny’s,  Julian Casablancas-esque, vocals come through and drag the whole thing into the21st century in a deliciously heady mix.

When talking about the track, the band said:

This track is about being on the edge of realisation that something is over, regardless of how you feel, but you carry on anyway. Some may call it clarity. It could be in relationships or just in life generally but you assume there is absolutely nothing you can do and it’s out of your control, but you are fully aware of this

Generally, we hate to draw comparisons to other artists when reviewing, because it’s such a cheap descriptive tool. But the similarities between The Banshees’ sound and that of ‘The New Abnormal’ Strokes is striking.

However, The Banshees have altered the way they do things for this tune and in doing so have made this sound their own. With a musical confidence that can only come from experience and being at home in your niche.

The Banshees have already proven their enviable online credentials. And in our increasingly secular existence it’s bands who can command that strong online following who will inevitably immerge stronger from the year that never was.

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