Vice Killer – ‘Commonplace’ – Single Review

Brand new band Vice Killer announce their arrival with debut single ‘Commonplace’. If you’re a true indie lover we implore you to give it listen.

Vice Killer are here with their debut single ‘Commonplace’

Fans of The Coral, Artic Monkeys, Miles Kane and Catfish and The Bottlemen rejoice. We may have found another band for the collection. 

If you’re sick and tired of waiting for those huge names to pull their finger out and release some new tunes then give Vice Killer a spin

Brand new on the scene as of 2020, the four mates from County Durham came together during the lockdown (of all times) to write and develop new indie music. Now ‘Commonplace’ is their debut single

The band have said of themselves and the debut single: 

Musically we take influences from artists such as The Smiths, Talking Heads, New Order and Stereolab. But lyrically the influences are bands such as Manic Street Preachers, McCarthy, Arctic Monkeys.

You can definitely hear those influences throughout the track. It has to be said, Vice Killer may be new but ‘Commonplace’ is a belter of an introduction

There’s something unmistakeably Arctic Monkeys about the intro to the track. But then it kicks in and takes up a form all of it’s own.

Melodic guitars and crashing symbols are allowed to wander all over the track, while singer Thomas Gilling’s silky smooth vocal pulls it together ensuring no sound gets too big for it’s boots. 

The best review I can give ‘Commonplace’ is that it draws all these connotations to the world-class bands we’ve mentioned above. But at no time do you ever feel like you’re listening to one of those names.

Which, although it may not sound it, is a brilliant thing.

It’s a debut single from a new band, formed during lockdown, and it stands up on it’s own never trying to be anything other than what it is – a strong handshake of an introduction to a band who have us very excited. 

Imagine an album full of these sort of sounds… 

Listen to ‘Commonplace’ now

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