InHibit – ‘Settings’ – Single Review

Anglo-Belgian indie-rocker InHibit is back with a thumping new single, ‘Settings’. 

InHibit is back in 2021 with his new single ‘Settings.

Following on from a rip-roaring 2020 which saw him land on the British rock scene with a clatter of percussion in the form of two introductory singles ‘The Quest’ and ‘Shadows of Fire’He’s now back to deliver more of the same. 

InHibit has now broken his 2021 silence and we couldn’t be happier. His latest tune ‘Settings’ drips angrily with rebellious connotation and lyricism 

Laced with catchy guitar hooks and a thumping bassline which pumps away in the background like a protest march. It drives through your ribcage before InHibit’s instantly recognisable vocal even kicks in. 

When he does come in though, he lets you know about it 

Through clever writing, perfect lyricism and razor-sharp timing he punches home every venomous line on the drum beat to add further power to the track.  

If you can take your headphones off when everything goes silent and not feel like signing up to an anti-something march. Then you haven’t been listening properly.  

‘Settings’ is just the latest single to be taken from the Brussels-based artist’s forthcoming EP. We’re told we can expect more Rage Against the Machine-style angsty vibes from the record and we can’t wait.  

Talking recently about this latest release, InHibit said 

It’s a song about the way we chain ourselves and the way we are chained (by others and by society)

We definitely get the feeling there’s more to the overall message this Anglo-Belgian rocker is trying to convey. But we’ll have to wait for the EP to hear more!  

Listen to ‘Settings’ now:

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