The Wilcox Wang Success Module Take Out Their Political Frustrations With Debut Album ‘The Great Escape’

The Wilcox Wang Success Module (TWWSM) were mad as hell about the political scene in America and ‘The Great Reset’ is their punk-rock ode to change!

The Wang Wilcox Success Module have released their debut album ‘The Great Reset’

Oftentimes music holds up a mirror to the political landscape in everyday life. Seeking the opportunity to sum up public mood on either side of the respective party fence. And that’s certainly the case again here.  

Angry with the way America was heading under the Trump administration and bored following COVID-19 response challenges. Atlanta-based TWWSM used their time together during the pandemic to create a musically righteous middle finger with ‘The Great Reset’ and they’ve pointed it squarely at the ex-President and his supporters. 

A moody monster of a punk album dripping black blood drawn from four years of, what they no doubt see as, political anarchy. The album crashes into life and you better hold on for dear life because it’s not stopping until every single pent-up annoyance has come out. 

It’s the perfect advert for catharsis.  

Heaving with deliciously rebellious rocky tracks like ‘Bash The Fash’, ‘Killology’ and ‘No Justice No Peace’. ‘The Great Reset’ is roughly half an hour long and it’s jam-packed with fury from this latest group of progressive punk rockers who have every right to be upset at the way the world was heading.  

Because of the political kindling this inferno of an album was built on, there will undoubtedly be the odd comparison made to the Sex Pistols and other anarcho-punk rock stalwarts.   

But we don’t think that’s a bad thing and we’re not sure TWWSM do either. With a Johnny Rotten-esque contempt for the machine and a sound which is ultimately an American take on anarchistic punk, this record is certain to have a throng of supporters.  

Following the release of ‘The Great Reset’ the Atlanta rockers are hopeful of embarking on a tour which is sure to be a hit with other left-wing supporters.  

Music and politics have forever been the best of enemies and that rambunctious relationship has sparked into life again here.  

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