Lion Machine 23: ‘Get Smash or Die Trying’ Track by Track EP Review

‘Get Smash or Die Trying’ is the debut EP from London-based rockers Lion Machine 23, we’ll go through it track-by-track now.

Uber cool rock vibes coming from Lion Machine 23’s debut EP

The brainchild of lead vocalist Daland JonesLion Machine 23 were created after Daland felt his previous band Armada Cosmica had gone as far as they could.  

Following successful shows in South America at events like Lolapalooza & Personal Fest and support slots alongside the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Cage the ElephantDaland started to look for something new to project his sound in the English Music scene.  

After a move to North-London Daland is back with Lion Machine 23 and a real Britpop-come-grunge sound which is so easy to get on with.  

‘Get Smash or Die Trying’ is the band’s debut EP and with sold out shows at classic venues like the Camden Assembly and the Hawley Arms under their beltit looks like the record is being well received.  

I can see why too! With a sound very reminiscent of the like of Oasis, Blur and maybe a bit of Supergrass thrown in there ‘Get Smash or Die Trying’ is a super introduction to what this band are capable of.  

Track by Track

Throughout the record rocky guitars and driving percussion form the bedrock of Lion Machine 23’s sound. Then Daland’s vocal comes through and adds to the thoroughbred Britpop credentials. But, we promised you a track-by-track guide and that’s what we’ll give you. 


The EP bursts into life with ‘Balloons’, one of the released tracks from the record. As a piece on it’s own ‘Balloons’ is a perfect introduction, both to this EP and the band in general. Prime Albarn & Coombes vibes comes through with Daland’s vocals and the electronic sounds ensure you pull that filthy face and start bobbing your head immediately. 


‘Emotions’ sits next on the track list and it doesn’t let up. The grinding electric sounds of the guitars pull you through and the hook will stay in your head for days subsequent 


Those Gaz Coombes comparisons are abounding again when it comes to ‘Samurai’. But that’s mainly due to the calmer surroundings of this track which allow Daland’s vocals to really take a walk 

F*****g In The Water

In fact, in ‘F*****g Under the Water’ you could say Daland’s performance sits like the fine wine you have alongside a steal dinner. Every so often it comes along as an equally delicious element of the meal just marrying the whole thing together. 


‘Electric’ may have worked better a final track on the album. It’s heady mix of electro sounds come together to create a cacophony of music to envelop your thoughts and allow you to get completely lost in the music.  


Whereas the actual final track ‘Transmission’, although the middle-eight does deliver more than enough of that Supergrass and first-album Tame Impala wall of sound vibeDaland’s voice continues to drive the whole thing together. I think it could potentially be more at home just after ‘Samurai’ in the track-list. But then, I’ve never played Lolapalooza or warmed up for Alex Turner’s mob… so maybe I should stay in my lane. 

In conclusion

All in all, it’s a great introduction to Lion Machine 23’s sound and I think you definitely come away from it feeling like you know the band a little better as a result.  

You can feel what their about and that reckless Britpop, Oasis & Blur energy shines through in a really refreshing way.  

We can definitely imagine these tunes being belted out in sweaty venues up and down the land. When it’s deemed safe to sweat together again of course! 

Lion Machine 23 – Electric

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