Melanie Masson – Seasons – Single Review

From X Factor to millions of fans worldwide, Melanie Masson is well liked and her latest single shows why

Melanie Masson is continuing her love affair with music in her latest single ‘Seasons’

You may be wondering “where do I know that face from?” well if you’re au fait with your X Factor trivia, you’ll recognise Melanie’s pearly whites from the 2012 season of the popular talent show. 

Making it through to the live finals, after wowing with stunning versions of Janice Joplin tracks, Masson introduced the X Factor audience to Joplin and the beauty of blues music. 

Far from resting on her laurels, since appearing on the show Masson has been hard at work. Adding everything from treading the boards in the West End through to being a recording artist on EMI and touring with the likes of Stereophonics and Pink Floyd no less. 

Now she’s back to doing what she loves returning with her second self-released single, ‘Seasons’. And if you’re thinking “where do I know that tune from?” it’s a cover of Future Island’s barnstorming hit ‘Seasons (Waiting on You). 

Delivering modern classics with a Northern Soul twist has become something of a speciality of Masson’s after she recently garnered attention for her cover of Beyoncé’s ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’

Fans of Future Islands will undoubtedly be divided in their opinions when it comes to reviewing this track. That’s par for the course when someone puts a new spin on a much-loved tune. 

However, being a fan of Samuel T. Herring and having grown up on Northern Soul I’m absolutely okay with this cover. Yes, it’s a little sugary and there’s more than an overtone of pop about it. But it’s truly difficult to dislike. 

The Soul influence is more than evident and I prefer to see it as more of compliment to Future Islands than a direct copy there to be picked apart and compared to the original. 

It’s a great track and a soulful makeover is a really nice reimagining of the song. Masson’s shimmering vocal, rightly, takes centre stage and it’s just a nice piece of music. 

With her performing arts background you know the track’s in good hands and Masson allows it to shine in this new set up. 

Check out the video for ‘Seasons’ now. 

Melanie Masson has a new video to accompany the release of ‘Seasons’

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