Jordan Dean – Local – Single Review

Soothing Jordan is giving us all the feels on his new release, ‘Local’

Jordan Dean’s latest single ‘Local’ is the next off his debut EP set to be released next month

The Ohio-born singer-songwriter is channelling all sorts of Eels vibes with his latest single ‘Local’.  

After a successful introduction in 2019 through tunes like ‘Gone’ and ‘Lost’ Jordan has returned with this jovial celebration of a tune 

A real toe-tapper, ‘Local’ kicks into life with twanging country-style guitars which shake hands beautifully with a driving drumbeat. Jordan’s vocal comes through and pulls the track together tightly.

For me, the track has a real Mr E’s Beautiful Blues feel to itThat easy listening marriage of thumping bassline and guitars carries you away to a sunny California road-trip scene. You can just hear playing on the radio as two young Americans take an old convertible on a drive through the country with the top down and the wind rustling their hair sexily as they cruise along the highway.  

Cleverly put together and asks nothing of you as a listener, it’s the perfect combination. But Jordan has said his influences lie away from that of those acts stateside:  

“I’m a huge fan of the post-punk revival bands like the Strokes, the Libertines, and Arctic Monkeys and have seemed to lean more heavily on those influences for my latest material as I always find myself coming back to those recordings and not getting bored of them.”

When talking about developing the sound for his EP of the same name as this track, the Cleveland talent said:  

“After chasing it for most of my teenage years, I think, working with a talented producer such as Tone Def, I’ve finally began to settle in to finding my own sound and putting music out that reflects my broad range of influences.” 

I think you can really tell from listening to his lyrics and the way the songs just flow, this is a man who’s found that comfort to explore himself musically.  

The end result of that exploration is tracks like ‘Local’ and if this voyage of self-discovery continues in that vein I predict a big 2021 for Jordan. 

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