Hope D – Cash Only – EP Review

Supremely talented Hope D is here & she’s ready to Cash in!

Cash Only is Hope D’s incredible debut EP

Brisbane’s Hope D aims to introduce herself to the industry with her debut EP ‘Cash Only’ which drops on February 5.  

‘Cash Only’ is an extremely aware piece of work shaped by the world’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. From its seven-song track list to its title which is inspired by Hope’s tattoo artist who found a novel way of reminding customers they were running a cash only policy by painting the message on her nails.  

From start to finish the EP takes you through the A to B of Hope D’s sound. And with tracks like ‘Addict’ and ‘Common Denominator’ she also finds a way to beautifully convey the high & lows of her 2020.  

The toe-tapping melodic nature of ‘Addict’, the first track on the EP, belies the darker story behind the song. Written about her own struggles with addiction, Hope says of the track “The song itself is a real recount of myself, feelings and surroundings when I was going through the very loopy and hallucinogenic period of time when I was becoming addicted.” 

Track two is ‘miscommunication’ a heartfelt ode to a previous relationship the singer-songwriter managed to tarnish through, you guessed it, miscommunication. Another really easy song to get on with, the track  

A slower tune ‘Life Sentence’ comes next and it documents another previous relationship, this time heading further into the past to her school days. Painting a vivid picture of her coming to terms with her sexuality via cutting lyrics and a piercing drumbeat. She said of the deeply personal song: “I was still navigating the fact that I only had feelings for girls, so that journey itself mixed with a very concentrated amount of feelings for my partner at the time created the idea that I was deranged.” 

‘Second’ is, a bouncy banger which rises and falls in the all the right places. Clever use of echoes and catchy hooks really help it drive home and resonate. Demonstrating another string to her impressive bow, Hope delivers a razor-sharp rap element towards the end which builds to leave you hopelessly waiting for the drop.  

Another clever track, ‘Common denominator’ documents the journey Hope went on when realising a past relationship was only being held together by limited mutual interests. The result is a happy anthemic sound hovering over bouncing percussion and vibrant guitars.  

‘Swim’ features low down on the EP’s track list, although fans of Hope D will know it as the first track to be released by the Brisbanite. An ode to anyone who’s feeling ostracised for being different. It’s a change of pace from the rest of the tracks on the EP. ‘Swim’ offers shed loads of guitars and a more stripped back, vulnerable vocal. The change in sound acts as a nice bit of night to the sunshiny sounds driving the rest of the record.  

Far from being an abrupt ending or a lazy piece to finish a record ‘Outro’ builds from low to completely drench you in sythy-goodness. Like a tsunami of electric sound, it leaves you complete yet frustrated there’s nothing left to hear.  

This EP demonstrates the reservoir of talent which is bursting out of Hope D. In a way it’s cruel, being only seven tracks long, it’s more a wave from across the street than a full-on handshake and conversation of an introduction to her enviable talents.  

A fleeting, yet delightful, introduction all the same. ‘Cash Only’ demonstrates perfectly why there’s so much buzz around this Brisbane bombshell, as well as going some way to showcasing why she’s picked up prestigious awards like QMusic Emerging Artist Award and the Carol Lloyd Award.  

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