Honey Motel – Morning Affairs – Single Review

Honey Motel return with a tub-thumper of a tune called ‘Morning Affairs’.

Honey Motel return with a real feel-good anthem ‘Morning Affairs’

Honey Motel are back, let joy be unconfined! The Liverpool four-piece have returned in 2021 with a new single ‘Morning Affairs’ fresh off the back of an incredible 2020. 

This new track should come with a warning because we challenge you to not be humming the hook to mindlessly for the rest of the dayA delicious slice of indie-pop, the single rises through synthy tones, punchy guitars and stabbing vocals emphasising every perfect duck and raise.  

After penning a record deal with Foundry last year, ‘Morning Affairs’ is the third offering from the scouse quartet. But, following up on the success of tracks like ‘Weekends’ and ‘Madeline’ will be no cake walk. Both releases garnered acclaim and, more importantly, air time from the likes of BBC Introducing and XS Manchester 

This latest single is an ode to those big decisions which keep us all up at night. The band say:

Morning Affairs is a tale of narcissism and egomania. The forever lasting and lingering battle of whether to sacrifice all for something bigger than yourself, or to remain in an echo-chambered bubble for one’s whole life. The risk of losing something small outweighs the pleasure of gaining everything

In truth, I love it, ‘Morning Affairs’ speaks to the most primal part of you that, especially at the moment, wants nothing more than to be back enjoying live music in a classic UK venue. It’s a tune built for the live shows and I can see it being an anthem for them.   

Sounds the likes of Honey Motel possess don’t come along every day but, as a reviewer, when they do drop into your inbox it’s an absolute joy to cover them. Can’t wait to hear more!  

‘Morning Affairs’ is available to stream now… *heads to streaming service* 

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