Leif Coffield – Say My Name – Single Review

Leif Coffield is back with his own unashamed brand of gothic, electric, indie pop.   

Leif Coffield is challenging you to listen to something that shocks you!

That sounds like a broad-brush description, but honestly, ‘Say My Name’ hits all those genres & notes.

It was never going to be easy for Coffield to re-introduce himself to the masses following the rapid successes of ‘Bloodstains & Love Notes’ and ‘Monsta-San’ to name just a couple of singles.  

But the South Glasgow boy is back and so is that indescribable sound which he’s fast turning into a fine art.  

Now, I admit, describing something as “indescribable” doesn’t bode well when used in the fifth paragraph of a blog piece. But I am more than willing to give it a shot.  

So, Coffield’s sound is… strange. BUT! I that’s not a bad thing.  

In a world where everyone wants to be the next Oasis or Tame Impala, it’s pretty refreshing when someone comes along and it’s genuinely difficult to place their sound.  

‘Say My Name’ is the next track coming our way from the talented Scottish producer. And coming with it is an infectious sound which drips and drips on you until it completely envelops you.  

Trippy synths, striking guitars and punchy percussion hammer the track home and leave you wondering what just happened. Give it two or three listens, if you’re not convinced. But I guarantee by half through the second hit your brain will be his.  

My advice? Lean into the skid. Just let the track have you and succumb to sounds that ask you questions and demand to be heard.  

Yes, it’s complex, but in the complexity lies the incredible talent this man has at his fingertips.  

So, you tell me, did I describe it well enough? If not, you’ll just have to go and give it a listen, or three! 

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