Estella – Wasting My Time – Single Review

Are you ready for “A delicious slice of indie-pop”? If so, Estella’s debut single ‘Wasting My Time’ is everything you need. 

The psychedelic cover art for ‘Wasting My Time’

At least that’s how budding singer-songwriter Estella describes her debut singleAll I can tell you is, I haven’t been able to stop humming it since.  

The Nottingham-based lyricist wrote this, her introductory track, about her experience of living in lockdown. 

It seems that in times of greatest hardship, we find human resilience can take up a beautiful form in the most creative of spaces.  

That can certainly be said for Estella and ‘Wasting My Time’, this lilting ode to her personal struggles coming through quarantine as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak 

It’s a wonderful play on the continuum which exists in music. You can be going through a tough time personally but listening to someone else’s experience of similar situations can really lift your soul. 

But to offer more on the track itself, ‘Wasting My Time’ is a pure piece of catchy, synthpop which rises and floats dreamily at just the right times.  

Estella’s angelic, yet delicate, vocal is carried beautifully over the top and absolutely brings to the fore flashbacks of the vulnerability we all felt at some point during the recent restrictions.  

The guitars twang away in the background. But far from fading into insignificance, their sound has been deliciously thought-out, so they actually pull the track together and drive it forwards in a form which is instantly recognisable every time you hear the track.  

I can definitely picture it coming on over the radio on a lazy summer afternoon as you laze away ice-cold cider in hand soaking up the sun.  

However, that’s not to say ‘Wasting My Time’ isn’t just as good in the current dank conditions we find ourselves in. In fact, it delivers a much-needed hit of good times and sunshine which is absolutely indispensable at the moment 

brilliant introduction to her as an artist and, in my opinion, a perfect waste of time. I’m looking forward to hearing more.  

Watch the video for ‘Wasting My Time’

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