Der Mist – It’s Alright – Single Review

Der Mist are the brand new Glasgow duo ticking all the boxes.

Der Mist and their latest single are just what you need to brighten your lockdown

Der Mist have arrived on the indie music scene and if you can find a more complex layering of sounds coming together to create something genuinely uplifting then we doth our new music blogging cap to you. 

This Glasgow duo have managed to carve out a sound which is both refreshing yet familiar.  

On their latest single, ‘It’s Alright’, Der Mist are channelling 80’s synth pop vibes to electric effect.  

Originally brought together as a result of a charity which seeks to nurture young musical talent. Der Mist have exploded on to the Scottish indie music scene with their infectious sound. Blurring the lines between rock, pop and electronic genres.  

The pair said of the new single: 

We had so much fun trying to channel our inner 80’s child (even though I wasn’t born then), trying to get something unique and fresh but also something that evokes that nostalgic feeling.

Lyrically the track harkens back to the uncertainty I and I’m sure a lot of people had growing up and just having the confidence to tell yourself everything is going to be ok. And yes there is a reference to Kool and the Gang’s ‘Get Down On It’ in there, why not!

10 points if you picked out the Kool and the Gang reference! 

So, what did we think?

Well, if you’re into sounds like those 80s electro giants and, more modern examples like Marmaduke Duke. Then we think you’ll love Der Mist’s particular brand of upbeat, vibrant synth-rock.  

We could use a miasma of clever words to describe the sound of ‘It’s Alright’ (see we used ‘miasma’). But, in truth, the best review I can give this latest drop from the Glaswegians is, it’s an unadulterated toe-tapper!  

The crackling and rising synth-work reverberates delightfully in the background and takes you on an all singing, all dancing journey which has a real sci-fi feel to it. The synth is just allowed to take a walk in the background and as it does it sends you spinning through time and space.  

Craig McKissick and Ali Whitty’s vocals float over the top of the, sometimes ethereal tune, before delivering you safely back down to earth again.  

With many parts of the UK still facing tough lockdown measures, we feel Der Mist may hold the key to improving your quarantine mood.  

If you’re feeling the pace of lockdown now, or lack thereof. Then slap ‘It’s Alright’ on, we promise you’ll be gayly dancing around you living room before you know it. Blissfully unaware that the blinds are up and the neighbours can see everything from their positioning on the dark street outside as they gaze into your house. Or was that just us? 

Either way, I don’t care, I’m glad Martha from number 23 witnessed my moves. Because it probably brightened her day as ‘It’s Alright’ did mine. And, at the end of the day, isn’t that what music is supposed to do?  

‘It’s Alight’ is the dynamic duo’s latest release from their forthcoming self-titled album which is set to drop in March. I’ll be waiting, blinds down this time maybe…

Check out the video to ‘It’s Alright’ now

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